Welcome To

Blackberry Ridge

All New conservation subdivision in Fayetteville, AR

Community & Nature First

The Blackberry Ridge vision is to create a front porch neighborhood in a back porch natural setting. As several people have said it, Blackberry Ridge is the option you didn’t know you had.

Soft Surface
Walking Trails

Enjoy the miles of trails interwoven through nature and the neighborhood.

Community Area

This two acre park is positioned at the heart of the neighborhood to promote connection. We will share why we call it the “Beje” over a s’more sometime.

Pool & Pavilion

Community requires amenities and a place to gather. The community pool and pavilion are planned to meet this need.

Natural Beauty

There is something transcendent about watching a sunset off in the distance through a 100-year old oak. The entire community has this. Several lots have it on their back porch.

Minutes from
Shops, Schools & more

Fayetteville school district (Holt and Holcomb) and minutes from I-49.

Environmentally Friendly

A neighborhood designed to work with nature as much as possible.

Nature Inspired Community

Blackberry Ridge is designed to work with the land’s natural topography to allow nature to showcase its beauty in the context of community.


Nestled just northwest of Fayetteville, the mountainous area around Blackberry Ridge has remained a hidden treasure. Recent infrastructure improvements have made this natural area accessible – not only to Fayetteville but to all of Northwest Arkansas.

Our Story

Blackberry Ridge began with a dream around 2010. Michele and I were walking around our neighborhood discussing our intention to buy several acres and build a house. However, we were starting to realize the benefits of the relationships we had built in our current neighborhood.

Lots Available

If the vision behind Blackberry Ridge makes you lean forward in your chair, we invite you to review the lots available and consider becoming our neighbor.


See For Yourself

Feel free to drive by the area to view for yourself how everything is progressing. Use the link below to send us a message if you have questions.