General FAQs

The questions below are related to the general development. Phase 1 lot sale FAQs can be found on the Lot Sales page.

When will Phase 2 lots be available?
Phase 2 lots are expected to come available by late 2023.
Where is Blackberry Ridge located?
Blackberry Ridge is less than one mile outside the Fayetteville city limits on the northwest side of town. It can be accessed using the new Rupple Road and going west on Weir Road.
What school district is this area in?
This area is in the Fayetteville school district. Holcomb Elementary (K-4) and Holt Middle School (5-6) are great schools our kids attend and are both located less than two miles from Blackberry Ridge.
Is the community gated?
No. Community requires being inclusive. After all, we have gotten to know several of the locals in this area well and call several friends.
How big are the lots?
Phase 1 lot sizes range from around three quarters of an acre to around two acres. Future phases are similar. In alignment with the overall vision, natural areas are being donated to the POA to provide open space for us all to enjoy.
What are the building requirements?
See the Declaration of Covenants included in the Buyer’s Package.
What are the estimated POA dues?
POA dues are estimated to be $600/yr plus trash. As outlined in the Covenants, trash will be coordinated through the POA to help us all take advantage of economies of scale and keep everyone using the same trash service so we have the same pickup day.
What utilities are available?
Ozarks Electric, OzarksGo (internet), City of Fayetteville (water), and Black Hills Energy (natural gas) are all anticipating serving the neighborhood. Sanitary sewer will be attained through individual septic systems (see details in Buyer's Package).

Sales Questions

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Lots Available

If the vision behind Blackberry Ridge makes you lean forward in your chair, we invite you to review the lots available and consider becoming our neighbor.

Our Story

Blackberry Ridge began with a dream around 2010. Michele and I were walking around our neighborhood discussing our intention to buy several acres and build a house. However, we were starting to realize the benefits of the relationships we had built in our current neighborhood.


See For Yourself

Feel free to drive by the area to view for yourself how everything is progressing. Use the link below to send us a message if you have questions.