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Come experience a front porch neighborhood in a back porch natural setting. While Phase 1 lots may be sold out, subscribe for updates to stay informed for when Phase 2 and Phase 3 lots become available.

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Relevant details for interested buyers can be downloaded through the Buyer’s Package link below. Lot Sales FAQs are below and will be updated as questions are received.

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Buyer’s Package

The Buyer’s Package includes the information you need to dive into the project details so you can determine which lot is best for your family. Download the complete package below.

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Common Lot Sales Questions

The FAQs below are focused exclusively on Phase 1 Lot Sales. General FAQs concerning the entire development are included in the FAQS section linked in the header.

How do I submit an offer?
The Buyer's Package includes the Lot Purchase and Sale Agreement. To submit an offer, send the signed PDF of the offer to BlackberryRidgeNWA@gmail.com.
Are lot sales being sold to individuals or builders?
Lots have been sold to both builders and individuals.
If we buy a lot, when would we be able to start building our home?
Home construction can begin after closing and upon approval from the design review committee.
Is Weir Road going to be paved?
Yes. Coming from the Rupple Road direction, Weir Road will be paved to Blackberry Ridge as part of this project. The remaining work is being completed by the County.
What are those signs?
If you click on the sold lots on the Lot Sales map, you may have noticed the wooden Blackberry Ridge yard signs. This is Michele's project to create a personalized gift for lot buyers. (Posting this on the website is the lot buyer's choice.)
What if a Buyer is working with a realtor?
Realtors deserve to be paid for the service they provide. If you are working with a realtor, it should be stated clearly in any offer if you are expecting us to pay any portion of this fee so we can account for this when we analyze your offer.
What is meant by the references to Lots 9 & 10 in the septic documents of the Buyer's Package?
Lot numbering for the septic documents are based on the entire development (all three phases) and do not correspond to the Phase 1 lot numbering. The atypical situation referenced for Lot 9 and 10 in the septic documents are referring to lots in a future phase.


See For Yourself

Feel free to drive by the area to view for yourself how everything is progressing. Use the link below to send us a message if you have questions.

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